2 Wheel Drive Robot

I developed a small 2 wheel drive robot.

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3D Printer

I built a 3D printer back in 2011.

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Active Sampling with SVM

During my internship at the Biocircuits Institute at UCSD, I developed an active sampling algorithm for SVMs.

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Adhoc communication

Creating autonomous agents capable of cooperating with previously unfamiliar teammates, known as ``ad hoc teamwork'', has been identified as an important challenge for multiagent systems. Previous research has assumed that either the task, the role of each agent, or the communication protocol among agents is known before the interaction begins. We consider these three variables simultaneously and show how an ad hoc agent can fit into a new team while handling ambiguous tasks, roles, and communication protocols. We assume a known distribution of possible tasks, roles, and communication protocols. We present experimental results in the pursuit domain showing that our ad hoc agent can join such a team without barely impacting the overall performance compared to a pre-coordinated agent.

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Coco Game

In interaction, humans align and effortlessly create common ground in communication, allowing efficient collaboration in widely diverse contexts. Robots are still far away from being able to adapt in such a flexible manner with non-expert humans to complete collaborative tasks. Challenges include the capability to understand unknown feedback or guidance signals, to make sense of what they refer to depending on their timing and context, and to agree on how to organize the interaction into roles and turns. As a first step in approaching this issue, we investigate the processes used by humans to negotiate a protocol of interaction when they do not already share one.

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Studying the structure of curiosity-driven exploration in humans

Curiosity is a key element of human development, driving us to explore spontaneously novel objects, activities and environments. We designed a game to analyze and measure properties of curiosity-driven exploration of an a priori unknown sensorimotor spaces guided by intrinsic motivation. More specifically, we are interested in the relation between exploration and learning progress.

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Hexapod Robot

Together with Jérome Bechu we have been prototyping a hexapod robot.

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Learning from Unlabelled Instructions

Can a robot learn a new task if it does not known how to interpret human instructions?

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Legible Robot Motions

Members of a team are able to coordinate their actions by anticipating the intentions of others. Achieving such implicit coordination between humans and robots requires humans to be able to quickly and robustly predict the robot’s intentions, i.e. the robot should demonstrate a behavior that is legible. Whereas previous work has sought to explicitly optimize the legibility of behavior, we investigate legibility as a property that arises automatically from general requirements on the efficiency and robustness of joint human-robot task completion.

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Omniwheel Robot

I developed an omniwheel robot.

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Parametric Parts

I developed a library of parametric parts in OpenScad to create easily robots with XL320 Robotis motors.

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Pollen Robotics

Pollen Robotics is a young start-up developing a robotic ecosystem allowing to prototype a robot in 1 day, develop a robotic application in 1 week and enabling manufacturing at scale in 6 months.

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Poppy Project

Poppy is an open-source project for the creation, use and sharing of interactive 3D printed robots. It gathers an interdisciplinary community of beginners and experts, scientists, educators, developers and artists, that all share a vision: robots are powerful tools to learn and be creative. The Poppy community develops robotic creations that are easy to build, customize, deploy, and share. We promote open-source by sharing hardware, software, and web tools.

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Prix Le Monde de la Recherche Universitaire

I received the ''Prix Le Monde de la Recherche Universitaire'' 2015 for my thesis work. Each year, this price is awarded to 5 young French scientists across all fields of science.

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Salamander Control Using Virtual Muscles

My Master's thesis project while at Biorob, EPFL. This project intended to model the interaction between muscle activation and body curvature for salamander locomotion. The final objective was to reproduce a swimming dynamic on the salamander robot, a nine segments bio-inspired robot capable of swimming and walking, by driving a musculoskeletal model with recorded electromyography.

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Self-Calibrated BCI

We propose a method to remove the need for a laborious calibration phase in brain machine interaction.

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Soft connector

I have been working on a way to easily and cheaply design and include soft elements in poppy creatures. By embedding hard connectors into silicon based parts, we create soft part with a standard Ollo mechanical interface. These parts can they be used as plug and play building blocks.

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Thesis Defense

I defended my thesis titled “Learning from Unlabeled Interaction Frames” on October 24th 2014 at INRIA Bordeaux.

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