Jonathan Grizou · We are our choices

I am a Lecturer / Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Glasgow.

My research focus on developing tools to assist people in their creative process. We study what creativity is, how it can be measured and how it can be implemented algorithmically (ML/AI). Most importantly to me, we ask how the lessons learned from the above can inform the development of tools that effectively enhance the creativity of their users.


I am focusing on writing research proposals at the moment.

Also writing publicly an interactive paper to explain self-calibrating interfaces (comments welcomed directly in the document)

Standing Invitation

I had the luck to acquire a large range of engineering skills and to (co-)found 2 start-ups. I like to share my learnings with curious minded people, as well as to advise companies. Feel free to contact me for any question.


Worth a read:

My favorite projects:


Part of the London 15th cohort at Entrepreneur First. Research fellow at CRI Collaboratory. Led a team of 9 researchers in the Cronin Group on the digitization of Chemistry. Co-founded Pollen Robotics to commercialize an innovative modular robotic technology. Developed the SpyLock Android App to test and disseminate a new spy-proof code-pad. Exhibited artist.

More broadly, I enjoy making things work in the real world. I devise AI algorithms, build robots, and develop web services. I bloom when leading innovative teams.

See my project page for skills, Linkedin for career record, and Google Scholar for academic record.