I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Glasgow.

My research focuses on self-calibrating interfaces which allow you to control a device without the device knowing how to interpret your actions. I know it is confusing, I am still trying to explain the concept, see this interactive paper I am working on (comments welcomed directly in the document)

I teach interdisciplinary design thinking courses and develop smartphone based technologies for STEAM education. See student projects 12345.

Talk to me about the history of technology and start-up.


Running user studies for IFTT-PIN.

Working on toolings and demos for Espruino. See 12.

Working on a grant to bring self-calibration to continuous interaction domains. See my proof-of-concept, contact me to know more.


Worth a read:

My favorite projects:


Part of the London 15th cohort at Entrepreneur First. Research fellow at CRI Collaboratory. Teamleader in the Cronin Group on the digitization of Chemistry. Co-founded Pollen Robotics to commercialize an innovative modular robotic technology. Exhibited artist.

More broadly, I enjoy building things and bloom within interdisciplinary innovative teams.

See my project page for skills, Linkedin for career record, and Google Scholar for academic record.