Executive Consulting

I regularly consult with C-level executives, typically CTOs on their AI product strategy with a hands-on approach.

“I first met Jonathan when he was running a machine learning masterclass, aimed at industry leaders incorporating mainstream AI into their daily business activities. At the time, I was the CTO of a very successful post Series B startup, in the Silicon Valley, that I’d founded from my academic work. He ran his course so well that it not only accelerated the adoption of AI into the product, but also helped us co-author a research manuscript that made its way into the nature portfolio of journals!

Jonathan and I have since stayed in touch and meet regularly to discuss everything from life, to academia, to current industry trends, to the future of AI. His breadth of knowledge and uncanny ability to apply and implement the latest technologies to solving business problems is unparalleled. Cheers to a great mentor, advisor, and friend!”

Arjun Nagendran

“An hour was all Jonathan needed to transform my understanding of modern NLP. He distilled his insights clearly through live demos and business use-cases.

Ross Murray-Jones

“I met Jonathan during a ML masterclass where he was coaching industry leaders on the recent advances in AI. The course was well-structured with a clear focus on business applicability. I joined the course during my work as Director of Data in a successful startup in the academic publishing industry. Through Jonathan’s input we were able to ship intelligent product functionality as part of a SaaS platform that is used by tens of thousands of researchers around the world.

Jonathan was a great teacher, his ability to adapt to my pre-existing knowledge and needs was instrumental in giving me a much deeper insight into ML than I had before. I was able to leverage this new found knowledge and apply it to real-work business problems.

Sebastian Rose

“I really like Jonathan’s ‘thinking out of the box’ approach which led to a much better result than tackling the problem the standard way. Overall, he is a great advisor and very knowledgeable about ML and AI. He really cares about the projects he’s supervising, goes beyond focusing on just one specific problem and considers the whole picture which makes him so great to work with.

Jonathan originally supervised my university project which is why I reached out to him when I was looking for advice on my current work project at Freetobook. Machine learning is a new area for the company, therefore I sought to get some academic consultations when solving a very complex problem. We agreed on weekly consultations which were essential in getting the project to its current stage where it is ready for user testing. I have learned a lot about all the things to consider when working on an ML based product.”

Emma Poliakova

I was preparing an important talk for a large audience of 600 people from the tech industry, and Jonathan stepped up to help me organize and articulate my ideas clearly and logically. We were both working at the Learning Planet Institute (formerly CRI) in Paris at the time, and Jonathan extended his invaluable assistance towards structuring the impactful talk. Through active listening, and by leveraging his expertise, Jonathan asked thoughtful questions that helped me identify and structure my main points and supporting arguments. For instance, his guidance in crafting compelling narratives and identifying key supporting points significantly enhanced the impact of my presentation.

Jonathan is skilled at bringing out the best in people. His encouragement and constructive feedback bolstered my confidence while also pushing me to bring the best of my speaking abilities. As a result of his dedicated mentorship, I delivered a clear and impactful talk that resonated deeply with the audience at Web2day, garnering praise and opening doors to subsequent speaking engagements.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan for any endeavor where his exceptional coaching abilities, knack for fostering clarity, and talent for nurturing others’ potential are invaluable assets.”

Stephanie Lehuger

PhD supervision

PhDs are typically 3 year long projects. My role is more that of a coach than of a supervisor with a goal to develop independant minds.

“I had the privilege of working closely with Jonathan throughout my 4-year chemistry PhD, during which he served as the senior postdoc and team leader for our automated chemistry team. Jonathan’s technical expertise, evident from his impressive track record, was matched by his ability to work across (and in new) disciplines and quickly acquire new areas of expertise.

Beyond his intellectual acumen, it was Jonathan’s soft skills that set him apart as a manager and scientific leader. His passion for the work was palpable, and he invested deeply in the growth and well-being of his team members. As a communicator, whether in interpersonal interactions, writing, or presentations, Jonathan is engaging and clear with both experts and those less experienced.

Jonathan played a pivotal role in my scientific and personal development, consistently challenging me to expand my horizons. His contributions were instrumental in my enjoyment and successful completion of my PhD. Notably, even in a field outside his primary expertise, Jonathan actively participated in numerous projects, resulting in publications in high-impact journals. Additionally, he provided informal support on an ad-hoc basis to various endeavors across the wider team.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jonathan to any student or postdoc. His blend of intellect, technical expertise, soft skills, and leadership qualities, make him an invaluable mentor. Having maintained contact with Jonathan since my PhD, I continue to be impressed by his diverse successes spanning academia, start-ups, and education.

Jonathan’s influence extends beyond the completion of my PhD, shaping my professional approach in industry today. His guidance and mentorship have not only contributed to my academic achievements but have also left an enduring impact on my modus operandi in the industrial landscape.

Laurie Points

“Jonathan was our team leader in the Cronin group where I was working on my PhD. The first thing I noticed was his curiosity about chemistry to which he applied his computing and robotics knowledge, which led to a beautiful and functional chemical robot that gathered great data at speed. The rest of the memories were about how his experience helped us solve problems, keep the project on track, and keep good communication in the team. Being a team leader in my current role I can reflect back on Jonathan as an influential and engaged leader, and this helped develop me into where I am now.

James Taylor

“I first met Jonathan in Glasgow when I was doing my PhD in the Cronin Group in the University of Glasgow. I studied chemistry and during my doctorate implemented machine learning methods to automatize chemical procedures.

This required a deep knowledge in programming which I did not have at that moment and I was in need of someone to provide me with guidance. Here Jonathan was someone that stepped up and always with a very positive and supportive attitude. He always had an encouraging word for me as well as ideas and suggestions to keep on going with my project. Jonathan was a very important part of my PhD.”

Sergio Martin Marti

I met with Jonathan way back in 2015 while I was doing my PhD in the Cronin Group in Glasgow, trying to use machine learning methods in chemistry. Jonathan was my supervising postdoc in the team and he was immensely helpful and supporting throughout the duration of our common projects, allowing me to learn a lot about an area of expertise that I knew nothing about till that point as well as indulging me with my continuous questions.

After my graduation we have stayed in touch and meet occasionally in order to discuss subjects broader than academia, such as current political trends, the use of AI in industry, and use of social media in science. In a nutshell, Jonathan is an engaging person, curious and open to new ideas/concepts, enjoying thought-provoking conversations and projects.

Vasilis Duros

Project supervision

These projects are typically at the Master level and last at least eight months.

“Jonathan was an excellent supervisor, always set aside time to make sure we were on track with what we were doing, and went above and beyond in recommending useful resources.”

Craig Murray

“Jonathan ensured there was consistent communication throughout the project. His approach allowed me to collaborate and receive help. He was supportive and ensured my autonomy within the project. Jonathan’s supervision facilitated the development of a high quality project.”

Fraser Dempster

“Jonathan has been a fantastic supervisor from the beginning of the process until the very end. His supervision throughout the duration of the project/dissertation has been not only just helpful but insightful and allowed me to learn more about the project area as a whole. Next years level 4 students should be very happy if they were to choose a project that Jonathan supervises.”

Kirstin Ritchie

“Working with Jonathan Grizou has proven to be an intellectually stimulating and enlightening opportunity. When faced with issues occuring in the project, I found that meetings and messages with Jonathan challenged me to rethink my approaches and encouraged improvement in my thought process.”

Abubakr Mahmood

“It was extremely useful for me. In particular, you made suggestions that improved my perspective on a project or problem. You’ve freed me to schedule and progress most of the time without putting too much pressure on me, and it’s been better for me.”

Talha Enes Ayranci

“My tutor is very professional and dedicated. He taught me a lot of knowledge related to my major and guided me on how to study. In the graduation project, he guided me patiently, fully considered my interests and hobbies and gave me support, so I was very happy and careful in my graduation project.”

Chenyang Ding

“Supervision was great. I loved the freedom you gave me to think about my project how I like and you acting as my advisor. I also loved the knowledge you imparted to keep me on the right track if I ever wavered off. But the best part was how you kept your confidence in me even when I wasn’t confident about what I’ve done or what I’ll do.”

Yash Srivastava

“I couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and engaging supervisor.”

Callum McLuskey

“Jonathan provided a relaxed, supervision style, where we would discuss the project in depth, whilst still encouraging me to perform my own work without being handheld. He provided helpful ideas for work to be done each week, and was a pleasure to work with.”

Lewis Trundle

“Dr.Jonathan’s supervision was instrumental in my final year’s project. His guidance and support helped me complete the project with confidence. I am grateful for his help and expertise.”

Zhe Fu (Hank)

“Jonathan is an engaged and empathetic supervisor. During my project his advice was always considered and useful, and he was very good at reminding me of the big picture when I was stuck in the details.”

Kieran Grant

“Jonathan was a great supervisor, always supporting me and trying help me, both in my academic work and issues which were affecting it.”

Andrea Pifkova

“Jonathan is a dedicated and professional supervisor who is always willing to help. His encouragement and guidance all year allowed us to succeed with our research. Jonathan also genuinely wants you to do well which is not the case for a lot of supervisors.”

Katie McConkey

“What I have learned most during my time with you is to be down-to-earth. You have quite high requirements for professionalism and practicality, Every time we have a meeting, I can see from every aspect, that imagination should be combined with practicality.”

Zixuan Wang

“I am very impressed by Jonathan’s guidance. In my three-month project, he demonstrated the care and consideration that a good teacher should have. In terms of technology, he responded promptly to my problems and empathizes with the pressure I encounter. I am very grateful to have met such a supervisor who deserves all my praise.”

Zihao Wu

“Working with Jonathan was an absolute pleasure! He was incredibly generous in providing the essential books and knowledge required to get a head start on the project.”

Aishwarya Pawar

“Jonathan was an encouraging, supportive supervisor, who shared a great level of passion and commitment to my level 5 project. When I got stuck, Jonathan would propose alternatives that fuelled my motivation, keeping me on track. His expectations were realistic, and advice tailored to the direction I chose to take. He is very good at explaining complex concepts, and overall excellent communicator. Working with Jonathan was one of the highlights of my university journey and I highly recommend him as a supervisor!”

Alexandra Strompova

“I approached Jonathan with a specific startup idea in mind and asked him whether he would like to contribute and help me shape it into a Master’s project, not the other way around. Jonathan was open-minded from the first moment, helping me navigate the perilous journey the startup industry is as many know.

I changed the scope of the startup a bit, where Jonathan was more than helpful and helped me shape out an idea that happened to become another startup of my I try to pursue at the moment.

To anyone considering working with Jonathan, whether him being a supervisor, advisor or an external consultant to the business, I couldn’t recommend anyone better for the job. He always speaks his mind even in difficult situations (such as the project pivot, or a different situation where the time was ticking he showed a good scepticism on my approach and showing me a way how to do it better), does not waste time and is super-well read in variety of topics (AI, Computing Science, Startups, Consultancy, Self-development, etc.).

Thanks once again for choosing to work with me and looking forward for future mutual projects with you!”

Oliver Alan Stafurik

Design thinking course

This course is an intense 3-week design thinking hands-on experience in collaboration with various external organisations (charities, museums, government bodies, fintech, start-ups, etc). The outcome of the course is shown on the cohort’s website at https://design-and-innovation-2023.github.io/website/.

From students

“Jonathan was one of the most passionate teachers that i met who cares about his students and what he teaches. His lessons were interesting, clear and easy to understand.”

Teo Shun Yao

“I’ve learnt a lot from Professor Jonathan Grizou, his lectures are always engaging and full of activities. I love that he is always passionate and excited.”

Chew Chyou Keat Lionel

“Jonathan is able to engage the class in such an enjoyable manner where it helps me to understand the concepts he’s teaching and imparting to us.”

Alastair Lee Ming Han

“Prof Jonathan has been an engaging professor by his daily emails, and has helped students learn the course better by sharing resources. He also initiates conversations with his students to seek feedback for future course improvements as well as caring for students’ progress.”

Chang Kai Wen

“Teaching style was incredibly friendly and active, fostering a welcoming environment where questions are encouraged.”

Malcolm wong chi kit

“Professor Grizou was very motivated and helpful in teaching us the key design processes in this module. His lessons tied to real life examples and his feedback was instrumental in helping us improve.”

Xavern Cheh

“Professor Jonathan Grizou’s is really something phenomenal. His style of teaching is really unique, and he professionally shares his opinions and suggestions for the betterment of our project. I really enjoyed my experience in this OIP, and I couldn’t ask for a better module that is as well prepared and managed like this.”

Xavern Cheh

“Professor Jonathan’s style of teaching is original and refreshing, incorporating elements of discussion, hands on work, and encourages reflection, which not only equips students for the course but enables them to be better thinkers.”

Esther Tan Su Wee

“Prof Jonathan provided a fresh breath in terms of teaching and I found it extremely engaging and thoroughly enjoyed his lessons! He is also concerned about our progress and ensures that we are always on the right track!”

Oliver Choy Chen Fung

“Professor Jonathan is very engaging in class, he give very constructive feedback that will make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?.”

Poh Yi Jie Nicholas

“I like the way you interact with us as you’re nice and gave constructive feedback to student so that we can progress in our work. You are always ready to share your experience with your students so that it is relatable to them. Friendly and nice professor! Kudos to you!”

Aaron Poh Zheng Rong

“I have acquired a lot of knowledge through his teaching, and his feedback are valuable to my learning process.”

Teo Leng

“Professor Jonathan was really engaging and had devised a well thought out lesson plan to ensure active engagement amongst teams. The course was effective in its delivery and i learned the importance of design and innovation through the interactive lesson plan”

Kahbelan Kalisalvam Kelaver

“Professor Jonathan was very adept at inspiring students and leading them to think out of the box for solutions.
Having an actual client in this module provided a real life client experience that could not be taught in classrooms.
Having this experience has allowed me to collect valuable experience.”

Daniel Kieu Kim Hui

“Professor Grizou is an exceptional teacher who enhances our understanding through his lesson by using effective teaching methods to improve design thinking. Under his guidance, working with the clients was easier and his guidance has broadened my world view.”

Lau Jun Xiang

“The engaging and dynamic interactive sessions created a vibrant learning environment, resulting in consistently high attendance for classes which is not typical for our cohort. Even though the project deliverables were a little heavy for a 3-week project, I thought the different project briefs gave students a wide variety of work to showcase.”

Arshad Bin Mazlan

“The lectures were very informative and interesting. It was a different style compared to what we have back in Singapore and it was very engaging.”

Ng Jun Heng

“I had the privilege of being taught by professor Jonathan, whose passion for the subject and dedication to students’ success left a lasting impact on my academic journey.”

Ng Chao Hong

“Thanks for giving us the much needed perspective and guiding us along the way. This was the highlight of the CS programme, my favourite module!”

Roshan Dew

“Fostering care and innovation to all his students.”

James Nicolas Tan Cher Wei

“Every single time i consult Professor Jonathan with regards to project work, I gained many insights and always felt aligned to the correct direction. True definition of consultation!”

Poh Kai Boon

“Professor Jonathan conducts his module in a different way from other courses, in a good way. He exposes students to more creative thinking and does not limit the student’s thinking. Professor Jonathan is also very approachable and gives good feedback on our work.”

Teo Wen Yu Carlsen

“Professor Jonathan’s design thinking course requires patience, critical thinking and empathy to truly benefit from it. Patience to undergo the design thinking process and constantly iterate instead of fixation on a singular solution, Critical thinking to consider and evaluate all factors in a proposed solution, empathy to understand the users pain points and designing solutions with accessibility in mind. It successfully provides a framework to designing user-centric solutions that considers all stakeholders which is a critical factor for future engineers and designers.”

Ryan Sim

“I like how approachable you are and how you try to engage with us by giving us activities to do in class as a group. I’m also glad that we got to work with industry partners to design and ideate on a solution to a problem.”

Lim Wei, Jourdan

“The OIP course has been eye-opening when it comes to handling a project, even if it is only creating a proof of concept. In a way, the course has helped me with adapting and pivoting when there are obstacles in a project.”

Vincent Tan

“This course is well designed in terms of merging the theoretical teachings together with applying them in a practical sense. Professor Grizou as shown that learning can be made fun and that the way this course was designed does indeed help retain what we have learnt. Honestly, I am confident that I will remember his teachings from this 3 weeks course than I would ever in other courses of 3 months that we have. I have gained a high level of respect for Professor Grizou in just a span of 3 weeks, and that is not something I am able to say for many of my professors during my university life thus far.

Thank you for giving us such an experience, we could not have asked for a better mentor, guide and professor.”

Ayan Priyadarshi

“Interactive and engaging course. I value the support Professor Jonathan provided the students and the feedback given to help us succeed in our project.”

Owen Teo Jun Kiat

“Prof Jonathan has gone out of his way to make this module fun and interactive for all. He has a unique teaching style which attracts and accommodates to the masses.”

Shyam Prasad

“Very interesting and engaging professor, always showing us different thought processes, challenging our thinking.”

Tong Kah Jun
From partnering organisations

“Jonathan was a brilliant facilitator of such a complex and ambitious project. The students and myself knew what to do and where to be, and were inspired to get the best from each other. This is thanks to Jonathan’s enthusiasm and skill in organising.”

Ally Houston
Co-founder MetPsy

“Working with Jonathan continues to be a pleasure and helping build the bond between the University of Glasgow and Barclays is definitely an important relationship for both that we would love to nurture.”

Fraser Dempster

“Jonathan was very helpful throughout the course, and gave me a good understanding of the role I’d be playing in the course. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised by what both teams came up with, especially within a very tight timeframe – I’d be happy to build on both products and consider integrating them into the summer school, and hopefully I’ll get another chance to be involved with the course next year.”

Lewis Dyer
University of Glasgow

“The communication with Jonathan was great, we received quick responses and clarification when needed. Having a sample project brief to work with really helped to clarify the kind of project we could propose as a partner.”

Ellen Sykes
Special Collections

“Jonathan has been first class in his communication and availability while the course has run. Great experience all round.”

Stuart Boyd
Scotstoun primary school