Jonathan Grizou

I offer consulting services in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics with a focus on tech start-ups. My interdisciplinary experiences and application mindset allow me to adapt quickly to various industries.

I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, published 40+ scientific papers, and received national awards for my work. I teach AI and design thinking at the University of Glasgow and have co-founded two start-ups.

You can contact me at

What is it like to work with me?

How do I work?

I am most effective as a coach, meeting weekly for one hour, to help clients develop their projects over the long term and internalise expertise.

Executive Coaching

What is it for?
Helping in strategic decision making and new project development.

Who is it for?
CEOs and CTOs of tech start-ups looking for expert advice. We explore business opportunities created by novel technologies and execute on them with speed. As needed, I interact directly with internal teams and customers to develop prototypes and advise on practical next steps.

What is in it for you?
This saves hours of your time by tapping directly into my expertise and experience working with start-ups. By following you over several months, I learn the subtleties of your business which is key to delivering useful practical advice.

Mentor to Junior Staff

What is it for?
Helping keep your team members on track and internalise expertise.

Who is it for?
For small to medium companies starting a new project in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Robotics. I typically support a junior staff member going through their first project when expertise is not available internally.

What is in it for you?
This saves days of unproductive work by keeping your team focused on what matters. I help them acquire fundamental skills and teach principles of decision making. As a result expertise is internalised, instead of outsourced, compounding your investment.

Why a coaching model?

  • Time to understand. Tackling complex challenges demands recursive dialogue, not a day-long sprint.

  • Time to research. Good solutions come with time as we learn more between sessions.
  • Affordable. You get long-term project support by paying for just a few hours of expert time each month.

  • Flexible. Meetings can be adjusted when new priorities arise.

How much does this cost?

  • My hourly rate is £160 (approx. $200). Session durations vary to fit your schedule. Billed monthly with no minimum commitment, or via prepaid hours to use as needed.
  • I offer 10% discount for a starter pack of 12 hour-long sessions to use within 4 months.

My Clients