Open Vault Challenge

Last update: August 2019

Can you crack the code of my vault?

A vault?

Yes, my own personal vault is secured by a 4 digit code. But I accidentally video recorded myself while entering the code :/

It is all online, so all you have to do is watch the videos, crack the code, and open my vault.

Easy right?


The challenge is split into levels of increasing complexity.

  • Level 0 – Code revealed, optional level.
  • Level 1 – Two colored buttons
  • Level 2 – Two colored buttons, but something is weird
  • Level 3 – 3×3 buttons, colors revealed
  • Level 4 – 3×3 buttons, no colors
  • Level 5 – practice with sketches
  • Level 6 – practice with speech/sounds
  • Level 7 – no buttons ?!

Levels have been designed to provide a smooth challenge for all. If you feel confident, start with level 1, then jump to level 4, and directly proceed to level 7. These levels represent conceptual milestones, the other levels are designed to prepare participants or demonstrate interesting use-cases.

PS: You are the master of your education. If you do the challenge, don’t cheat your way through, struggling is part of the learning process.

A bit of history

The first version of this challenge was built as a physical vault made of wood, metal and acrylic. It was developed at CRI and the challenge remain available online. It was a great success among students. They spent many hours trying to crack the code and learned a lot. It has proven an engaging medium to teach concepts of computer science and machine learning.

Quick access: [Project page] [Crack it] [Try it] [Grasp it]